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Pearl Residencia Miracle Garden

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What is Miracle Garden?

Miracle Garden is a stunning floral wonderland located in Pearl Residencia Society. The garden is home to over a million blooming flowers in various colors and shapes, making it a popular destination for visitors of all ages.


Miracle Garden offers various activities for families and children, including a kids' play area, trampolines, and a mini train ride.

Food and Beverage:

There are numerous food and beverage options available within the garden, including cafes, ice cream shops, and snack stalls.

Key Features

Pearl Residencia is proud to offer its residents the opportunity to experience the beauty of Miracle Garden, right in their own backyard. With easy access to the garden, residents can take a stroll and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds them.

Variety of Flowers:

Miracle Garden boasts over 45 million flowers of various colors, shapes, and sizes, making it one of the largest flower gardens in the world.

Unique Displays:

The garden features unique displays, including heart-shaped arches, pyramids, and floral clocks.

the project of

Pearl Residencia

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Miracle Garden provides a variety of amenities to enhance visitors' experience. These include:

Seating areas

Food stalls


Covered Car Park

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