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14th August 2023 - Azadi Festival

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Pearl Residencia's celebration of Pakistan's 76th anniversary was a testament to the power of unity, patriotism, and community. The event's diverse activities, from the thrilling air show to the heartwarming cake-cutting ceremony, captured the essence of the nation's journey and the shared aspirations of its people. Pearl Residencia once again demonstrated its commitment to fostering a strong sense of community spirit by bringing residents, families, and individuals in a day of joy and camaraderie. As Pakistan continues to evolve and progress, celebrations like these remind the nation of resilience, diversity, and unwavering spirit.

14th Aug Celebration by Pearl Residencia

Highlights of Patriotism and Pride, Thrilling Air Show, Heartwarming Gift Distribution, and a Mesmerizing Lantern Show at Pearl Residencia Toba Tek Singh on 14th August 2023

Pearl Residencia Sargodha Team's wishes on 76th Anniversary of Pakistan

"Celebrating Freedom, Unity, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Celebrating 76th year Anniversary of Pakistan." Happy Independence Day!" From: "SARGODHA TEAM Pearl Residencia"

Press Release

Pearl Residencia Toba Tek Singh | 14th August Celebration | Media Coverage "Celebrating Freedom, Unity, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Celebrating 76th year Anniversary of Pakistan."

Inauguration of 200 Pearl Houses Construction

We congratulate our esteemed community members of Pearl Residencia for starting construction of 200 Pearl Homes. Pearl Residencia a leading real estate business in Pakistan which provides best properties and services to its clients. At Pearl Residencia, we believe that a truly remarkable space encompasses more than just bricks and mortar. Our dedicated team of visionary professionals, including architects, engineers, and designers, collaborate seamlessly to craft environments that inspire and elevate lives. We understand that education is the foundation for a brighter future, so we incorporate thoughtfully designed educational facilities within our developments.

Pearl Residencia Sargodha | Pre Launch

Date & time

Thursday, June 01 2023


63/B Club Road, next to Lahore shoes, Sargodha, Punjab 40100

+92 323 8888117

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Event Highlights

Join us for an exclusive event as we unveil the newest addition to the Pearl Residencia family - Pearl Residencia Sargodha! We are excited to extend our vision of exceptional living to the vibrant city of Sargodha, and we invite you to be a part of this momentous occasion.