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Who We Are

Pearl Residencia

By aiming to take the life quality to an upper level with the whole realized Projects of luxury.

Pearl Developers is one of the most established and respected real estate developers in Pakistan.

We are leading real estate developers in Pakistan that provide its clients with the best living facilities.

Pearl Developers offers Pearl Residencia Housing society, Where you can enjoy modern living facilities like restaurants, schools, shopping malls, parks, mosques, and many more along with the basic needs of living.

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It’s Quickly Becoming Pakistan’s Mayfair.

The Pakistani real estate market is now swamped with numerous players due to the country’s continually growing number of housing projects. Pearl Residencia focuses on all the needed amenities, such as schools, playgrounds, and retail centers, Gymkhana, Hospitals, Mosque, Community Center, 4D Cinema and provides cutting-edge design patterns.

Pearl Residencia’s homes and services are consistently ranked among the very best that Pakistan offers. Their main field of expertise in real estate is the purchase, sale, and leasing of residential and commercial property. Throughout the entirety of the purchasing process, each and every customer will continue to be provided with the utmost care and attention to detail, as well as the highest possible quality of product and service.

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Meet the Dedicated Professionals Behind the Creation of Pearl Residencia - Committed to Delivering Excellence in Every Detail

Mian Amir Mehmood

C.E.O Pearl Residencia

Mian Faheem Asad


Zahid Mehmood Butt


Why Choose Us

Expenditures on a limited budget

We cater to limited budgets. Pearl Residencia's pricing plan allows for a 25% down payment and remaining balance can be paid in 2.5-year installments.

A society that fosters interaction

The main aim of Pearl Residencia is to create a thriving community where residents can enjoy modern living facilities, basic necessities, and social activities while leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

Safety and safety measures

Pearl Residencia is a safe and secure residential community thanks to its high-tech security systems, on-site security personnel, and patrolling security staff.

One-Stop-Shop services

Member residents of Pearl Residencia have access to a wide range of amenities and services, including a secure neighborhood, modern infrastructure, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, sports complex, and community centers.

Investing risk-free

Investing with Pearl Residencia guarantees reliable and secure returns, with even a small investment yielding many benefits. Pearl Developers is a highly successful and reputable real estate organization in Pakistan.

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